Natural Juice Therapy

Natural Juice Therapy has been around for many years. When we juice fruits and vegetables we extract all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are taken up directly in the blood stream within about 15 minutes. The only thing we lose by juicing is the insoluble fibre, although juice still contains some soluble fibre. During a juice cleanse the digestive system gets a well earned rest. This allows the cells in the body to maximise the removal of toxins and start to repair cellular damage.

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First steps

If you have any existing health problems or concerns please consult your doctor for advice before embarking on a juice cleanse.

If you are new to juicing watch the videos online here

If you need help to get started organise a juice party

If you want a personalised program or coaching please contact us

If you want to kick start a healthy lifestyle or you just want to try out some juices, start with a short cleanse




Juice Bar

You can hire us to run a juice bar at your event.

Juice Party

Get your friends together and book a juice demonstration in your home: learn about juicing, how and what to juice, try some recipes yourself and lots of taste testing.


We will work with you to develop a personalised programme that fits in with your health requirements and lifestyle.